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What’s behind the personalization hype? Haven’t we been here before? Keep your consumers coming back with true personalization. Do your employees have ability to read the consumers’ needs and craft conversations? Or have we been here before with that same cookie-cutter approach? Read More
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Wholesale Club Expands Member Care Without Growing the Budget or Impacting Quality While loading up the shopping cart with deals is probably the most visible part of the wholesale club experience, out-of-store interactions with the brand are equally important to overall member satisfaction. Read More
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Gogo Partners with Startek to Deliver Customer Care at 35,000 Feet As the leader in inflight Internet services, Gogo keeps passengers connected and entertained on thousands of aircraft operated by leading global commercial airlines such as United, Delta, Alaska, Virgin America, and Japan Airlines as well as on thousands of private aircraft, including those of the largest fractional ownership operators. Because enhancing the experience for both passengers and crew strikes at the core of Gogo’s mission, company leaders knew early on that fast and effective... Read More