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Credibility – Can I Trust You?

Regardless of how or why a customer chooses to interact with your brand, the only thing that stands between a positive or negative experience is a human connection. But creating a unique and memorable customer experience isn’t rocket science. It’s much more difficult. That’s because human communication is incredibly complex—especially in the contact center. In fact, before an engagement specialist says or types “hello,” there are more than 750 million situations that can frame the conversation. Acknowledging this incredible complexity, leaders in the customer experience industry are faced with a pivotal question: How do I manage engagement specialist and customer communication to create a unique and authentic experience that improves customer satisfaction, retention, and sales? The first step is to establish credibility.

The Key Elements of Credibility

Establishing credibility is an important first step to building trust and creating openness. If customers do not feel valued by engagement specialists (agents), they will not necessarily trust what the agent says. This is one of the reasons why customers across all verticals re-contact brands on the same issue. In the healthcare industry, trust is a key ingredient to increasing patient compliance regarding follow-through with important medical instructions. And in the retail and financial services sectors, trust drives repeat purchases when there is a clear link between the customer’s needs and the provided solution.

At STARTEK, we partner with multiple brands to help them learn and master the concepts of using the science of human communication to create good dialogue, which builds trust. This is accomplished through STARTEK’s Essential Habits proven communication principles. Part of those habits include these three key elements to establish credibility:

  • Listen to the needs and situation of the other person.
  • Demonstrate common courtesy and etiquette.
  • Choose language to optimize comprehension.

What’s the Payoff?

Good dialogue is about using proven communication principles to adapt to the implicit needs of the customer, and by doing so, gaining credibility, rapport, and trust. Once trust is established, your customers will feel comfortable enough to divulge important details about the real motivations behind their reasons for contacting you. Once you have achieved disclosure, the engagement specialist can then make an accurate assessment of each customer’s true needs.

When you use dialogue techniques to talk, text, chat and email with your customers in a meaningful, authentic way, you can not only improve first call resolution, but measurably drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value. STARTEK can help you use the power of human communication science to establish credibility and trust and drive real results in ways traditional, scripted approaches can’t.

“When someone picks up the phone and calls, there is an expectation that you know who they are, and you respond to their unique needs as a customer”

– Cory White, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, STARTEK