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Customer Experience Analytics - Do You Trust the Process or Change It?

The Value of Customer Experience Analytics

Every day, millions of vital service interactions take place between your company and your customers, and there is a lot at stake in your ability to manage and optimize this complex, fast-paced environment, including your brand’s reputation and your economic survival. Faced with an increasing competitive marketplace, the ongoing challenge of any company’s engagement (contact) center is how to extract the insights hidden within these voluminous, unstructured multichannel interactions and provide decision makers with the information they need to acquire, support, retain, and grow their customers.

But how do you know if you are collecting the right data? Are you leveraging the right technology? Who in your organization is leading the charge for your analytics strategy, and are they asking the right questions? Your answers will determine if you should trust the current process or change it. Disjointed systems, lack of communication, organizational silos, and inefficient processes are all reasons to take another look at your analytics process.

Analytical Insights Alone Aren’t Enough

Even with access to a wide variety of tools and information, companies still struggle to find ways to improve customer-facing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and revenue. While big data and analytics can help identify that something is wrong in the customer conversations taking place in the engagement center, analytical insights alone don’t usually provide the level of nuanced diagnostics needed to uncover the root causes of the problems. Companies don’t have an easy way to identify, isolate, and prioritize the variables that impact their customer-facing metrics, nor can they easily test hypotheses while controlling for other variables in their production environment. So how can you uncover hidden insights? Put your lab coat on because we’re headed to the science lab.

Unlocking Insights from the Lab

STARTEK’s Communication Science Lab picks up where data analysis leaves off by applying scientific rigor and methodology to uncover micro-issues at the conversation level that are important drivers for your critical metrics. We utilize these experiments to test solutions prior to implementing them in our clients’ production environments. After testing these solutions, we analyze the data and form conclusions to determine the best customer engagement strategy.

In a recent pilot conducted in the lab, STARTEK showed through the use of universal specialists an 8% reduction in handle time and 3% improvement in customer satisfaction.

Customer needs and behaviors change frequently thus requiring continual learning and new strategies. If you want to improve the dialogue with your customers, check out STARTEK’s communication science lab and put your customer experience issues under the virtual microscope.