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Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday - Is your Customer Service Team Ready?

Group t-shirts have been made, alarm clocks are set, coupons have been clipped, and online sales notifications are turned on. Customers are geared up and ready to snag some hot deals during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Are you? Whether you’re a small business or larger retailer, preparing your customer service team ahead of time will help you survive the holiday madness. Here are a few tips to help you avoid getting trampled.

Learn from Past Mistakes

Information from prior years will provide you with a general idea of how well customer inquiries and concerns were managed. Looking at historical trends also provides guidance with forecasting staff levels, scheduling, and training. Take it a step further and review customer and employee satisfaction surveys during the same period last year. Were there any anomalies? Were you understaffed? Did a gap in the training process cause challenges? Make the appropriate adjustments before heading into this year’s holiday season to ensure you and your customers have a holly, jolly Christmas.

Give Employees the Right Tools

Keeping your employees happy and empowering them translates to a better customer experience. Invest in your talent by providing the proper applications and training necessary to help your employees handle high stress situations. Recognizing customer tension and understanding how to diffuse it also shortens the resolution time and improves customer satisfaction and net promoter scores. Additionally, you can win no-win situations by helping your employees frame adverse situations optimistically, educate customers in ways that reduce their anxieties, and anticipate customer needs to lessen effort. While product training is an important part of sales also consider introducing a behavioral-based training to take your customer experience to the next level.

At Startek, we utilize our proprietary Ideal Dialogue Essential Habits Method to train customer-facing teams to create an unmatched and effortless customer experience that is personal, professional, and punctuated by moments of spontaneity. Based on decades of empirical research in the social sciences and perfected in our Communication Science Lab, the Essential Habits form the foundation for dialogue, the most effective communication design, which is scientifically proven to maximize customer satisfaction, sales, and retention – regardless of channel. Give your team the right tools to deliver that personalized and professional experience every customer has at the top of their wish list.

Get Channel Savvy

Customers want to interact with brands in the channels of their choice. And different channels provide unique opportunities for sales and customer service. According to a consumer survey by Adobe, 58 percent of millennials will visit a store first to see an item they want to purchase online. Much like millennials, some customers may use more than one channel to communicate, which is why it’s important to have all your bases covered.

Instead of going through the motions this season, have a plan and make a list. Maybe even check it twice because your customers will know if the service they receive is naughty or nice.

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