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Are you killing your call center with compliance-driven metrics?

Creating a unique customer experience that enhances your brand requires juggling compliance while embracing dialogue. If your business requires strict compliance protocols in the contact center, it may seem impossible to integrate spontaneous dialogue without sacrificing efficiency metrics. But, if your focus remains solely on compliance-driven metrics, you may be killing your call center.

Increase satisfaction scores without compliance metrics taking a dive

Contact centers are embracing the need for dialogue, but satisfying compliance while including genuine dialogue may seem irredeemably at odds.

Compliance-driven engagement requires satisfying various levels of security and often emphasizes efficiency metrics such as Average Handle Time (AHT) and Issue Resolution metrics such as First Call Resolution. It may seem impossible to engage in spontaneous dialogue without sacrificing compliance metrics, but once a call center embraces compliance – driven by dialogue – they will see an increase in satisfaction scores without metrics taking a dive.

Although engagement specialists often get a lift in customer satisfaction scores because issues are resolved quickly, these transactions are often rated less satisfying by the customer because they feel mechanical or distant.1

You had me at hello

To ensure that compliance-driven engagement isn’t killing your call center, engagement specialists must anticipate customer needs and convey emotional understanding within those first hello seconds. They must continue to engage the customer with spontaneous dialogue throughout the contact session while satisfying compliance-driven questions.

Whether your industry is compliance-driven or not, companies must recognize that there are millions2 of potential contact situations and allow their agents to engage on an emotional level with their customers.

If your engagement specialists are authentic and connect emotionally on hello, efficiency metrics will remain high and CX (Customer Experience) scores will climb as your customer feels more satisfied, and connected, with your brand.

After factoring in personality, gender, reasons for contact, selected channel for contact and adding culturally-based values such as emotional expressiveness, you have 754,974,720 potential situations before your specialist even says hello. Read the whitepaper: Designing the Ideal...Customer/Engagement Specialist Conversation.

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