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Behind the Hashtag– Meet Startek’s Social Media Team

If you’re an avid social user, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are part of your daily routine. And like most consumers, at some point you have most likely aired a few grievances about a brand online – sharing your complaints and frustrations with your network, top influencers, and brand executives alike. Social media has become the platform to share the good, the bad, and the ugly of customer service. When those interactions are positive, it can have a strong impact on a brand’s bottom line. In fact, Harvard Business Review found that customers who received a response to their query on social media were more likely not just to remain a customer but to spend more money with the brand and recommend it to others.

Today, Startek supports social care programs across leading retail, manufacturing, consumer electronics, automotive, technology, and eCommerce brands. Through social best practices, the team maximizes every interaction to drive more value for the customer and the brand. Although technology plays a critical role in providing information about those engagements, the people behind the scenes are the true asset to delivering exceptional social care. We recently sat down with our social media team at our Jeffersonville, Indiana, campus in a candid interview to learn more about the team and the technology that’s supporting some of the world’s most recognizable brands. Let’s see what they had to say!

What type of social support does the team provide?

We provide social media customer care and execute social media community management for over two dozen brands.  Our team manages traditional social media communities for our client partners on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.   However, our execution on social media goes much deeper in most cases.  We believe in a comprehensive social media support solution – one that includes responding to ratings and reviews for online reputation management.  Today, we execute these strategies on sites like Yelp, BazaarVoice (partner sites), Google Places, and Amazon among others. We monitor the reviews on these platforms for hundreds of thousands of products and tens of thousands of retail locations and respond to all negative reviews left for the brands we support. In many cases, this includes responding to positive reviews to thank customers for the continued business.  To supplement that strategy, Startek also monitors blogs and forums like Reddit,,, brand specific fan sites or other help sites.  The addition of adding blogs and forums to the social media support monitoring and response process allows us to help our clients meet their customers where they are talking about their experiences and, in many cases, are engaging with the most avid of a brand’s fan base.

Why is it important for brands to connect socially with their customers?

Great question! Social media is always changing, so it is important to adjust your brand’s social strategy as the landscape continues to evolve. With customers taking more control of their purchasing decisions, it’s important to interact at every point of conversation. This includes assisting customers across all social platforms. You can create a winning experience that can lead to long-term brand loyalty and positive online reputation. Customers value their experiences sometimes even more than the products.

What is the team’s most memorable customer interaction?

We love the opportunity to engage with customers on a daily basis, so we definitely have experienced some memorable moments over the last few years. One particular experience that comes to mind was for a leading tire manufacturer. We monitor hashtags and any mention of their brand. Early last year, the hashtag #MyNextCarWill was trending on Twitter. An individual tweeted that her next car will be more efficient without the fancy bells and whistles and included a photo of the Flintstone’s car. We tweeted to her with several references to the cartoon and provided a link to her with a coupon for service at our client’s retail location. The individual responded back stating that she was impressed with our responses and the tweet was something that would get her into our client’s store for service. We turned a trending hashtag on Twitter into an opportunity to a create a new customer for our client!

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Whether your brand is just getting started on social media or already has an established social presence, the opportunity to reach and engage audiences online will only continue to grow. Our team can help your brand go beyond simple interactions. With more consumers turning to social media for education, entertainment, and ongoing support, let us help advocate for your brand. For more information about Startek’s social media customer care solutions, please fill out our contact us form.

Meet the Startek Social Media Team at our Lab in Jeffersonville, Indiana