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The Evolving Patient Experience

Consumers have never had more choices when it comes to interacting with organizations. They demand service when they want it, how they want it and where they want it. While industries like retail, banking and hospitality have already embraced the new laws of customer experience, the healthcare system isn’t quite there yet. But that is about to change as younger, more “connected” generations put pressure on healthcare organizations to adopt new forms of engagement.

Here are three trends happening in the healthcare sector as the rise of the patient follows the rise of the consumer:

Integrated Data

Patient information has been scattered across a number of different management systems in the past. Modern data management technology now helps organizations consolidate health records from caregivers, physicians and insurance companies to create a more holistic view of patient care. Merging healthcare data into one centralized system helps providers deliver consistent care and share accurate information across channels.

Personalized Care

Integrating data across systems provides the foundation for delivering more personalized patient care. Understanding unique preferences in conjunction with past medical history helps healthcare organizations and providers meet diverse patient needs and personalize care to each individual.

Omnichannel Engagement

Technology has become second nature, especially for younger patients. As a result, their behavior has evolved from using traditional methods – like the phone – to digital ones including email, chat and social media channels. Healthcare organizations are evolving as well, developing digital engagement strategies to interact with patients. Soon both patients and members of healthcare organizations will be able to access products and services when they want, where they want using their channel of their choice.

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